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data modeling tool

DeZign for Databases

Powerful database design and modeling tool. Visualize database structures, create databases or reverse-engineer databases to modify, document and optimize.

Editions: Standard |  Professional |  Expert |  Team Edition  

test data generation

Datanamic Data Generator

Generate realistic test data for database testing purposes.

Editions: MultiDB edition |  MS SQL |  PostgreSQL |  MS Access |  MySQL |  Oracle |  MS Azure

compare and sync database data

Datanamic DataDiff

Compare and synchronize database data.

Editions: MS SQL |  PostgreSQL |  MS Access |  MySQL |  Oracle |  CrossDB (cross platform synchronization) |  MultiDB edition

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sync database schemas

Datanamic SchemaDiff

Compare and synchronize database schemas.

Editions: MS SQL |  PostgreSQL |  MS Access |  MySQL |  Oracle |  MultiDB edition

collaborative data modeling

Datanamic Repository

Repository database for collaborative modeling.

execute sql scripts

Datanamic MultiRun

Execute multiple scripts against multiple databases.

Editions: MS SQL |  PostgreSQL |  MySQL |  Oracle |  MultiDB edition (for multiple database platforms)

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"I have been using DeZign for Databases for years now - and find that it offers features found in products many times its price. Excellent value."

Ken Blackstein, COO , Collaborative Internet Computing

"I'd like to express my satisfaction with your tool DeZign for Databases. I've been using it for some time, it is a great help in my work, and I find it to be the best."

Vasil Dilchev, Siemens

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