DeZign for Databases
Data modeling for database professionals.
Visualize database structures to understand your database, create new databases or reverse-engineer existing databases to modify, document, analyze, and optimize.

MySQL Database Design and Modeling Tool

DeZign for Databases is a database design and ER-modeling tool for MySQL databases. The tool will help you to design, visualize and document your MySQL databases.

You can use DeZign for Databases to design new databases, redesign existing databases, create new database schemas, update existing databases or document your database. ER diagrams with industry standard design notations (IDEF1X, IE) are used to graphically display structures and relationships between tables. You can forward engineer and reverse engineer MySQL databases. The compare and synchronize features can be used to ensure that the data model is consistent with the database.

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MySQL data model


DeZign for Databases is useful for all data modelers, from database developers to application developers, from business architects to DBAs. The tool simplifies database development tasks and serves as a communication tool between developers and business users.

Key Features

Visual Data Modeling

DeZign for Databases provides an easy-to-use graphical interface that simplifies database design and automates many modeling tasks.

The tool has a powerful ER diagram editor. In your diagram you visually make a design using entities, relationships, subcategories, group boxes and text blocks. Entity symbols are used to define database table structures, including details about columns (attributes), primary keys, null, unique, foreign keys, check constraints. Identifying and non-identifying relationships are drawn between entities.

You can control colors, fonts and the dimensions of a single or collection of objects in your diagram. You can define a default font for primary key, foreign key and non-key attributes.

Break a large or complex model into smaller, easier to maintain subdiagrams. A subdiagram is an independent view of a subset of the objects in a project.

DeZign for Databases enables you to present your design at various levels of detail. Display data types in the diagram, hide non-key attributes, display relationship name in the diagram etc.

Database objects such as triggers and procedures that are not displayed in the ER Diagram are stored in the same project/model workspace.

Reusable Objects

DeZign for Databases supports domains and attribute packages. Domains are reusable user-defined types or "attribute templates" that promote consistent domain definitions. You construct domains as you would construct attributes. You can reuse them in your model by applying them to attributes.

Attribute packages are pre-defined, reusable sets of attributes that promote consistent attribute definitions. You construct attribute packages as you would construct entities. You can share attribute packages between data models/projects.

Reverse Engineering MySQL Databases

Connect to your MySQL 3,4 or 5 database with a native connection and derive a graphical model from that database. You can also import an existing database from a SQL script (DDL). After importing an existing database you can redesign or document it. Use the compare and update functionality to modify the redesigned (live) database.

Database Design Generation

From the modelís design, DeZign for Databases will generate the definitions (DDL) for all selected database objects such as tables, views, columns with defaults and constraints, primary keys, foreign keys, indexes, triggers, stored procedures and object descriptions. The tool also supports "conditional generation" ({$IFDEF}...{$ENDIF}). Conditional generation lets you generate selected parts of your data model.

Comparison and Synchronization

DeZign for databases offers compare and synchronize functionality for all synchronization use cases: model-to-database, model-to-script, database-to-model, script-to-model, model-to-model. The tool loads a database, displays the differences and allows you to select which differences must be moved to the database or to the data model. If model changes move into the database, DeZign for Databases automatically generates a database alter script (as appropriate for the MySQL database).

Reporting and Printing

Visualization and publication are the keys to communication and collaboration in data modeling. DeZign for Databases provides flexible, customizable reporting and printing capabilities. You can reverse engineer an existing MySQL database or generate documentation for the model you are currently working on. You can generate HTML, MS Word and PDF documents. The diagram itself can be printed or exported as a bitmap, jpeg-image, gif-image or windows metafile.

Model Merging

With DeZign for Databases' compare and merge utility you can merge different versions of the same project/model. This way development teams can work in parallel on a single model.

Multiple Database Systems

DeZign for Databases supports multiple databases. You can create target DBMS specific models or database-independent models (with portable data types). You can create a database-independent model when you want to output your model to more than one target DBMS. You can also convert your model from one database system to another. Editable data type and function conversion rules are used for the translation.

Supported MySQL Versions

DeZign for Databases can forward engineer and reverse engineer MySQL 3,4 and 5 databases.

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