Datanamic MultiRun for Oracle
Execute multiple SQL scripts
against multiple Oracle databases
Single-click script execution on multiple Oracle databases
$ 199

Single Click Deployment Of Oracle SQL Scripts

single click deployment of oracle SQL Scripts

Key Features

  • Fast parallel execution of multiple SQL scripts
  • Error handling settings
  • Supports Oracle version 9,10 and 11
  • Speeds up database administration tasks
  • Clear execution results browser
  • Execute scripts against multiple databases
  • Command-line utility included
Datanamic MultiRun for Oracle is a simple tool to quickly execute multiple SQL scripts against multiple Oracle databases.

Define a list of databases, add SQL scripts to execute on these databases and click execute to run those scripts on the databases in the list. The multi-threaded execution of the SQL scripts makes it complete the task fast. After execution of the scripts you can examine the results of the executed scripts on each database in the results browser.

You can control what must be done when an error occurs while executing the SQL scripts: stop executing all scripts, ignore the error and continue, stop executing scripts on the database with the error, ...

This tool is a real time saver. No more annoying repetitive script execution tasks. Datanamic MultiRun for Oracle is an ideal tool for database professionals who need to deploy a bunch of SQL scripts to multiple servers.

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